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Car Accidents

Car Wreck? Don’t add insult to your injury.

Bad Times Call For Good Lawyers.
Some car accident injuries, like broken bones, can heal with care. Others, like whiplash or even internal organ damage, may be invisible to the eye and make it important for you to see a doctor after your accident even if you don’t think you are hurt. For more severe injuries, like spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, it is extremely important to have a lawyer on your side who understands how to get the medical care you may need for a lifetime.

Why do you need a lawyer after you’ve had a car wreck?

Being hurt in a car wreck is bad news. But, not getting the legal help you need can just add insult to your injury: dealing with the aftermath, filing claims, filling out forms, calling the insurance company, the waiting game, signing the settlement waiver, wondering if you were compensated fairly, or regretting that you didn’t file a lawsuit before the Statute of Limitations expired. A personal injury lawyer with decades of experience and the most Five-Star client reviews can help you — G. Turner Howard III.

The legal team of G. Turner Howard III has earned the trust of clients and the respect of professional colleagues in the legal and insurance communities. That kind of trust and respect makes getting a fast, fair settlement for injuries much easier.

What should you do if you have wreck?

The sooner you call us, the faster — and better — we can help you. Automobile accidents can be complicated by other contributing factors like alcohol use or previous DUIs, cell phones and texting, automobile mechanical failures… All of these many factors add up to getting legal help to get a fair settlement from the other party and any others that may have been responsible. And, the same is true if you are found to be at fault and need legal representation to protect yourself.

We can find those clues to support your case only if you call us as soon as possible. Eye-witness accounts and evidence are important. Before you discuss the accident with anyone (including the other party’s insurance company), let us give you helpful legal advice. Our initial consultation is free, and it is first step toward getting what you need and deserve.

What our clients are saying:

light-quotes“G. Turner Howard III and his staff helped me to recover over $200,000 as a result of my car accident.”
light-quotes“He helped turn a very unfortunate situation into something better than I ever expected.”
light-quotes“Just wish I had called them a lot sooner!”

If you’ve been hurt in an accident or need immediate help, you can call us now at 865-558-8030.

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