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During these ever more uncertain times, with another post-Covid19 surge, confusion over the efficacy of the various vaccines and masks, obvious global warming as manifested in part by unprecedented forest fires and draining of water reservoirs, increasing loss of faith in our American system of politicians serving the greater good, the drumbeat of senseless deaths continuing in lower socio-economic neighborhoods, there is a pervasive viral PTSD infecting humanity, an angst manifesting itself in careless absorption in digital devices while speeding to the next nowhere. Is this the new normal? Are we forever stuck in this perpetual cycle of existential purposeless ennui? Watch out!! Because if you don’t, you may become the next victim in this reckless vortex.

Have you noticed? Every day—I mean, every day—on my way to and from work, I experience a veritable combat zone of that old childhood East Tennessee Fair’s “bumper cars.” You remember, don´t you. The difference, of course, is that Fair’s gambit was a harmless game. Today’s highways and byways are a deadly reality.

From the 20 August 2021 edition of “The Week” magazine, I quote an editorial: “From Maine to California, police say they have caught more motorists driving recklessly and exceeding 100 mph than ever before.” People feel a loss of control. The evidence that through their driving habits: Taking chances by cutting in front of your right of way, passing with illegal speed before slowing to a crawl, glued to cell phones while waiting on red lights to turn…still waiting after the light has turned in spite of a cacophony of honking horns. You know the drill.

We at G3 have noticed a significant uptick in more serious accidents due to roads returning to their pre-Covid automobile density while frustrated drivers hurtle at unprecedented speeds.

Please be extra circumspect when in your automobile. Defensive, not offensive. Courteous, not obnoxious. Considerate, not selfish. Practice waving other drivers forward in front of you. Actually, stop at red lights and stop signs. Chill.

As always, if you or a loved one is injured by one of these careless drivers, don’t hesitate to call us, the sooner the better. The phone call is free, the advice is free. You’ve got nothing to lose. And, if we agree to proceed together, we don’t get paid if you don’t recover any money. It’s that simple. In the meantime…

Watch out!!

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