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If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to find and hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. Your attorney can help you navigate the process of settling your case with the insurance company or filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party. With the team at The Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III on your side, you’ll be able to negotiate fair compensation and get the legal support you need during this difficult time. 

Below, we’ll discuss why this is so important, outline the overall process you can expect after hiring an attorney, and give you some tips on how to find the right personal injury lawyer in Knoxville. 

You Should Hire An Attorney As Soon As You Can After An Accident

First, you should hire an attorney after any serious accident in Knoxville. You should never try to negotiate with the insurance company or negligent party on your own. In fact, you should not talk with or sign any documents provided by insurance companies without an attorney present. Here are just a few ways in which hiring a personal injury attorney can help your case: 

  • Build your case and obtain evidence – Accident attorneys know how to request police reports and other evidence from your accident to review it, organize it, and build your case.

  • Simplify communication – When you hire an attorney, they are responsible for communications with the authorities, insurance companies, and all other parties. This eases your burden after your accident and ensures your case stays organized.

  • Understand your damages – Knoxville accident attorneys know how much your injuries are worth, and can help you understand your damages by organizing medical bills, gathering information about lost wages, consulting with medical experts, and more.

  • Work to protect your interests – At all times, your lawyer is looking out for you and will be advocating for your best interests, and the compensation you deserve. This helps ensure a better outcome for your case.

For these reasons and many more, it’s important to hire a Knoxville accident attorney right away. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what the process of obtaining compensation after your accident may involve.

  1. Investigate The Accident & Look At The Evidence

To begin, your attorney will investigate the accident and look at the evidence collected by you, the authorities, eyewitnesses, and other such people who may have been present. In some cases, this could even include things like accident reconstruction. This initial investigation provides your attorney with the basic information they need to begin building your case and negotiating for necessary damages. 

  1. Request A Copy Of The Accident Report

Your attorney will work with local law enforcement agencies to get a copy of the accident report and review it. They will look for any inconsistencies or accuracies that may be present, as well as evidence that helps confirm your account of the incident.

  1. Collect And Review Eyewitness Testimony 

Testimony from eyewitnesses can be very valuable, particularly if another party or the accident report contradicts your account of what happened. Your attorney can work with you to identify and talk to eyewitnesses to your accident, which allows you to gather more information that will help you improve the strength of your case.

  1. Negotiate A Settlement To Cover Your Costs

Once you and your attorney have built your case, they will present it to the insurance company along with a list of agreed-upon damages, and begin negotiating a settlement. Your attorney will advocate for your best interests and ensure you get the money you deserve.

  1. File A Personal Injury Lawsuit, If Necessary

If the insurance company does not settle or does not offer enough compensation, you may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. This lawsuit can also be settled out of court, but it may also go to trial.

Your attorney will advise you on the best option for your case. Most people end up settling their personal injury cases, but the team at The Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III is always ready to pursue your case in court, if necessary. 

How To Hire A Knoxville Accident Attorney 

Hiring an attorney is relatively simple after an accident. After reviewing your options, you will simply call a law office like The Law Offices of G.Turner Howard III. 

Then, you’ll schedule either an in-person meeting, an online meeting, or a phone call to discuss your case. At this time, you can present evidence about the accident, discuss what happened, and talk about the damages you may have suffered. This will help the lawyer determine if you have a case.

If the lawyer determines you have a case, they will then accept the case. You’ll need to fill out some paperwork, and then your attorney will begin working on your behalf to resolve your accident and personal injury claim. 

What To Look For In A Personal Injury Law Firm – Our Top Tips 

Not sure what you should look for when searching for Knoxville accident attorneys? Here are a few tips that will help you find the right attorney. 

  1. Look at the attorney’s qualifications and experience. An experienced, highly qualified lawyer will be able to provide a better outcome for your case.
  2. Make sure the attorney operates on contingency. This means you will pay no up-front costs, but will instead pay a portion of your damages once you win your case. You only pay if you win.
  3. Find a communicative lawyer. You want an attorney who will always be ready to help you, and will answer emails, take phone calls, and communicate with you effectively.
  4. Ask about previous cases that were similar to yours and the outcome the lawyer was able to provide.
  5. Find a lawyer who is willing to go to trial. Most personal injury cases are settled out of court, but your attorney should always be willing to court if it’s necessary to protect your best interests.

Need A Knoxville Accident Attorney? Contact The Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III

Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Knoxville is the best way to protect your rights and best interests. 

If you’ve been seriously injured, the first step toward getting the compensation you deserve is to hire the team at The Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III. Contact us online or call us at 865-658-4012 for a free consultation, and see if you have a case. 

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