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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents Can Mean Expensive Recovery

G. Turner Howard III shares the joys and the very real challenges of bicyclists. He is the lawyer that injured bicyclists in Tennessee can turn to when they need help.

Share the Road

These signs encourage motorists to make room and pay attention. Yet, bicyclists are run off the road, run over by a turning car, or hit head on by a car driver who was distracted, going too fast, or failed to yield.

Bicycle accidents can wreck your life with the possibility of broken bones, concussion, head trauma, or spinal cord injury that can mean a long, expensive recovery. Get the legal help you need so you can focus on recovering and getting your life and bike back on the road and trail.

If you have been injured in a bike wreck caused by someone else who failed to share the road, call the lawyer who understands and shares your experience as only another cyclist would. Turner Howard is a national champion in U.S. Masters road cycling and a Bronze Medalist in a cycling World Championship, He is a competitive athlete who will fight to make it right for those injured in a bicycle wreck.

A personal injury lawyer with decades of experience and the most Five-Star client reviews can help you — G. Turner Howard III.

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