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It’s true—the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. But they can also be a dangerous time of year for many reasons. Between the icy streets and electric decorations, there are a lot of injuries to be aware of during the holiday season.

Holiday injuries are more common than you think.

Every day, hundreds of injuries occur across East Tennessee and the Tri-Cities that could have been avoided with proper safety information. At G3 Help Me law, our personal injury attorneys are here to provide that information to better protect you on and off the road. Here are 5 common accidents that happen during the holidays and easy tips for avoiding injury this season.

1. Car Accidents

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but car accident injuries are some of the most common types of injury around the holidays. Not only are the roads icy during the winter season, they also tend to be packed with distracted shoppers who are in a hurry to check off the names on their lists. As a result, speeding and tailing too closely happen often during the holidays.

Make sure you and your loved ones are safe by allowing more space between your vehicle and other cars than you normally would. It may seem frivolous, but you never know when someone might cut you off near that turn into the mall. Better to avoid an accident altogether by being extra aware of your surroundings on the road.

2. Slip & Falls

Thousands of people endure slip and fall injuries on commercial properties every day. Retail and grocery stores, restaurants, and many other businesses are most privy to slip and falls, and those numbers tend to rise during the holidays. But commercial slip & fall accidents aren’t the only injuries to be concerned about this season.

Slip & fall injuries occur a lot at home during the holidays. From climbing ladders to put decorations up to lifting heavy bags or gifts, the holidays are riddled with opportunities to throw out your back or land wrong on your head or ankle. The best way to avoid these injuries? Don’t attempt to hang something that feels too far out of reach or lift something too heavy. Use your best judgement and defer the task to someone else if you’re prone to muscle pain or back injuries as it is.

3. Electrical Shocks

Another common injury that occurs during the holiday season is an electrical shock. More specifically, shocks from string lights and cords. This time of year, people love to drape their homes and yards in decorations—many of which are electric. But what a lot of people don’t realize is damp weather and broken lights are the cause of countless electrical shocks.

You can avoid this injury by simply checking your lights for broken bulbs before plugging them in and making sure your hands are completely dry before reaching for an outlet.

4. Burns & Cuts

The holidays call for extra time spent in the kitchen. Cooking and baking are two of the most common holiday pastimes around, but they come with their own risks. Minor burns and cuts are a frequent result of having one too many things on your plate in the kitchen (no pun intended). But burns and cuts also occur outside of the kitchen.

The holidays are all about warmth and light, meaning candles, gas lights, and fireplaces are used way more often than during warmer seasons. These things alone increase your risk of fire-related injuries, which can be life-threatening and terrifying for everyone involved.

Stay safe this season by double checking that your oven, stovetop burners, candles, and lights are turned off before leaving the room and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

5. Choking Incidents

Last but not least, choking accidents happen more than you might think around the holidays. In fact, they’ve become a growing concern for parents of young kids. Not only are kids likely to choke on hard candies or food, they’re also at risk of choking on small toys or parts included in many gifts this season.

An easy way to improve safety around the house during the holidays is by keeping an extra close eye on the products you buy. Always thoroughly read toy product packaging to ensure kids under the recommended age of use aren’t assembling or using them without supervision.

Have you been injured this season? You deserve the best care possible!
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