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Why Choosing the Right Injury Lawyer is Important

Choosing the right injury lawyer for you after a car accident, or after any other vehicular crash, can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially at a time when you may be completely overcome with doctor and hospital bills and insurance companies. If you choose the wrong injury lawyer, you may become even more overwhelmed. Failing to ensure ahead of time that you are choosing the right injury lawyer for you risks you facing not only more frustration, but you may end up paying for an attorney who operates in their best interests instead of yours.

You are Not Alone

Accidents are scary and can be traumatic. The right injury lawyer for you will calm you, making you feel comfortable and let you know that you are not alone in your case, remaining professional while assuring you they are on your side.

Knoxville has seen over 151,500 vehicular crashes so far in 2017, including more than 722 fatalities, over 37,000 injuries, and approximately 113,000 accidents that caused property damage in excess of $400. With average Knoxville residents’ earnings hovering around $33,000 annually, a vehicular crash, especially if hospitalization follows, can cause significant damage to the financial stability of victims and their families. In choosing the right injury lawyer for you, ensure your attorney is not what is called an “ambulance chaser”, as opportunities for injury attorneys in Knoxville abound, as you can see from the above figures.

Research, Set Expectations for Nearby Personal Injury Lawyers

You can be sure your attorney is a good fit through research and interviews. This is not a time to be shy about interviewing experts and choosing a lawyer close to your home and close to where your case is being heard will save time and money in the future. Also, ask around for referrals, and search on the internet for attorney reviews and awards. Although referrals, awards, and online reviews (we’re very proud of ours) are relevant and should weigh heavily in choosing your lawyer, unscrupulous attorneys may offer incentives for good reviews, and some awards may mean little. Attorneys need to be, and expect to be, interviewed…thoroughly.

If you find you are too intimidated to interview attorneys in their offices or over the phone, interview through email. Your attorney will be working for you, and you need to ensure you choose an attorney that does not make this the other way around. Be sure to write your questions and answers down. Some good questions to ask prospective attorneys include:

  • What is your hourly rate?
  • How do you charge for phone calls and emails?
  • Do you take cases on contingency? If so, what percentage do I keep?
  • Besides purely legal administrative functions, will a paralegal be doing most of the work, or will you be?
  • What is your experience representing clients such as myself?
  • What if I have special needs to understand my case? What if I am so in shock that I have a hard time understanding my case?
  • What accommodations can you and a court offer me if I am disabled?
  • How many cases like mine have you won without appeal, and how many cases like mine have you won upon appeal?
  • Could you commit to representing me in case of an appeal?
  • Are you willing to take this to a jury trial if that is what I want?
  • How much experience do you have in jury trials?
  • Would I need to put up my own bond upon appeal if I lost a potential countersuit in the case?
  • If my case is taken on contingency, and I lose a countersuit, who pays?
  • Do you locate and pay for expert witnesses, or will that be my responsibility?
  • Will I be informed of new developments or filings, countersuits, responses to settlement offers, and the like, and, if so, how soon and via what means (email, phone, text, or postal)?
  • What should my expectation be regarding returned phone calls, emails, and other communications? In other words, if I do not hear back from you regarding a message the same day, at what point should I start worrying you or your assistant missed my message?
  • Do I need to be present at the hearing(s)?


Although vehicular crashes and injuries are numerous in every state, including Tennessee, our law firm will never treat you like just another number. We will always work in your best interests, taking detailed account of your accident and carefully weighing all options for compensation for you and with you.

During your consultations, we will speak in terms the average non-lawyer can understand so that you can actively participate in your legal proceedings and make decisions in consultation with your attorney every step of the way, should you choose. We will set expectations on both sides clearly and in writing ahead of time, to prevent you from experiencing more frustration than you already are from your accident. We are happy to answer these and any other questions you may have, and if you choose us to represent you, we will be your advocate and team member every step of the way.

After spending his secondary years of study at The McCallie School in Chattanooga, G Turner Howard III earned his BA at Tulane University. A member of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association, he received his law degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law. Before becoming an attorney, he earned a Master’s and Doctor of Divinity at Andrews Theological Seminary and Columbia Theological Seminary. He also served as a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience, his firm has helped clients receive millions of dollars for personal injury, and in many cases, much faster than they ever expected.
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