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Have you noticed something that’s become more and more acute now that folks are pretty much in the swing of things semi-post-Covid? An increasing rudeness with apparently no scruples as to how it affects other people.

In the November 8, 2021 edition of “Time” magazine there appears an article mentioning how rude people are: In grocery lines. In traffic. In crowds. In seemingly innocuous situations where logic dictates that anger should not be piqued. But it is, in unprecedented ways.

I have about a 10 minute drive of approximately 4 miles to and from work. During that short commute, I never cease to be amazed at drivers enrapt on their cell phones, sitting at a green light until someone finally honks them back into reality. People waiting until you’re almost upon them before suddenly pulling out from an intersection in front of you, and then having the temerity to poke along (what in the world was their hurry!?), even swerving back and forth on the road due to their inability to take their eyes off their cell phone for even one moment. Or people driving with their bright headlights on all the time, blinding drivers going in the opposite direction. Etc.

Oh my!? What to do?

Well, getting angry doesn’t help. Neither does tailgating. Nor honking.

I mean, just yesterday someone pulled right out in front of me from an intersection, totally unaware I was almost upon her when she did. I followed at a safe distance on the two lane road where we encountered each other. But when we both headed in the same direction on a four lane road and I eventually passed her dawdling along, guess what I received as a welcome. You guessed it, that infamous middle finger.

So, how do we navigate this new paradigm?

One of my enduring heroes is a guy named Jesus. He enjoined us to not only love our “enemy” but even to pray for him or her. Did I pray for that impertinent woman who shot me the bird. Didn’t want to, but I did.

I immediately felt better. And in an illogical, upside down way, I kind of lost the battle but won the war.

What if you’re injured in a car wreck by one of these rude breeds? Call us. We’ll do our best to get you the justice you deserve. And perhaps soothe your ruffled feathers in the process.

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