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*The following is a true story using pseudonyms to protect the privacy and identities of the parties involved.

The Incident

In early May of 2017, Stephanie Price was driving westbound on I-40 in Loudon County, TN when a commercial semi-truck suddenly attempted to enter the lane occupied by Ms. Price. This forced Price’s vehicle into the guardrail and caused it to flip several times before coming to a rest while still overturned.

Price was transported by ambulance to the a local medical center with multiple lacerations and abrasions to the face, forearms, biceps, shoulders, chest, lower abdomen and legs, with large glass fragments still embedded in her face and body.

Stephanie’s Trauma

Following the traumatic experience of the wreck itself, Stephanie arrived at the hospital in shock. She watched the first doctor numb her forearm and proceed to use forceps to uncover a large chunk of glass from her forearm, about two inches deep. Once the anesthesia wore off, she was left in excruciating pain until 9 a.m. the next morning because all pharmacies were closed. Since she was traveling in Tennessee, her closest relative was 8 hours away. She was unable to contact her family for over two hours following the wreck because her phone had not been recovered. She was alone, afraid and unsure of when this trauma would end.

The Driver at Fault

The driver of the commercial semi-truck that ran Ms. Price off the road, was found ¾ of a mile down the highway. He mentioned that he didn’t notice hitting anyone, didn’t notice Stephanie’s blaring horn prior to the collision, and didn’t see anything in the rear-view mirror. He apparently “only felt a small bump and kept driving.”

It was later discovered that the driver was actually found pulling pieces of Stephanie’s vehicle out of his back wheel well. It haunted Stephanie to think that his carelessness could have taken her life, and he still tried to avoid all responsibility for the damage he caused.

Moving Forward

Price’s injuries and emotional trauma caused her to miss her college graduation that was scheduled two days after the accident. She continued to have pain while walking. She still had neck and shoulder pain. She had open wounds on her face and arms that attracted unwanted attention. She went through a stage of depression and spent the next 18 days mostly in bed. She was unable to go the gym, couldn’t socialize with friends, and was unable to work. She couldn’t return to the life she wanted – her normal life.

Stephanie then visited the chiropractor and found that her hips were out of line and her head was tilted as a result of the accident. This along with nerve damage in her left wrist and hand continued to cause difficulty for her at a job that required her to walk in a warehouse for 50 hours per week and pull up to 50-pound pallet jacks.

Seeking Compensation

Stephanie decided it was time to take matters into her own hands by hiring a personal injury lawyer. After noticing G3’s extensive experience and the large amount of positive reviews his law office had received, Price decided to turn to G3 in hopes of receiving the emotional help and compensation she deserved.

The Results

The phenomenal work of G. Turner Howard III and the office’s paralegal, Christine Griffin helped Stephanie receive a settlement out of court that was significantly larger than the cost of her medical bills. While Stephanie still wishes the accident would have never occurred, receiving fair compensation for both her physical and emotional damage helped her return to her normal life with minimal ongoing suffering.

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