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We live in an angry world. People feel frustrated and even hopeless…and don’t see a way out of it. Post-Covid uncertainty. Global warming. The Russia-Ukraine war. Hardly ever any good news from the media, which profits off of selling what attracts people’s attention…bad news. All of those and more are making people angry. “It’s like the Wild Wild West out there, and it’s just unacceptable,” said Pam Shadel Fischer, senior director of external engagement with the Governors Highway Safety Association (as sourced from the Washington Post, 4/20/22).

So, simply stay off the roads to maintain adequate safety and sanity? No, we have to live a life with responsibilities.

But what if you’re prone to road rage? Hmm! James Gross, professor of psychology at Stanford University, who specializes in anger management, offers the following advice from the same source above:

  1. If you’re already in a bad mood, don’t drive in the first place. Or at least chill until you get in your car.
  2. Ensure your car is comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, writes Gross, you’re more likely to get irritated and speed.
  3. No matter how obnoxious the other driver, at least try to see things from his/her perspective. Have you yourself not done the same to others?
  4. Be intentional about how you’ll respond if someone cuts you off. Determine, before embarking on your journey, how you will react at someone’s inconsideration if it happens.
  5. If you continue to loose control of your temper at a discourteous driver or, worse still, fly into a road rage, you might want to consider seeking professional help, before something you really regret happens.

And, as always, if you’ve been injured because of another driver’s negligence, call us at and we’ll help you get back the life you want to enjoy. Why? Because you truly matter to us.

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