Segue: Road Rage or Road Murder? | The Law Offices of G Turner Howard III

My blog last week addressed the growing national concern over road rage incidents. Road rage shootings resulting in injury and death have more than doubled between 2016 and 2021. And guess which state is ranked #2? Tennessee, in road rage shootings per 100,000, behind only New Mexico. Many of those shootings brought death in their wake to the point that survivors of those murdered have petitioned to change the charge from mere road rage to road murder in order to emphasize the gravity of the problem.

Again, during this new paradigm of Wild West post-covid lockdown restrictions, we at strongly encourage you to be extra careful while driving America’s roads and highways. We assume you wouldn’t be tempted to pull a gun on somebody (please!), but be wary of those plentiful drivers who may. It’s just not worth serious injury or death. If someone threatens you, be as calm as you can, say you’re sorry (even if you’re not at fault and seething beneath the surface), slow down and perhaps pull off to the side of the road until the would-be assailant passes on. By all means, we advise you not to speed up and try to outrun that angry person, which is similar to running from an angry dog. If at all possible, if matters don’t abate, call 911 ASAP.

Our #1 concern here at is your safety and welfare. Check our authentic Google reviews for confirmation of that.

You truly do matter to us.

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