Forensic Evidence Helps Bring Justice for Knoxville Bicycle Victim's Family | The Law Offices of G Turner Howard III


At the young age of 35, Jackson Rutherford was training to enter into a special sector of the military. To prepare to meet the physical demands of the military, Rutherford would often bike around the West Knoxville area in his free time. One night around midnight, tragedy struck him and those closest to him. While riding lawfully with proper lighting on both his person and bicycle, an oncoming car struck and instantly killed him. Without attempting to swerve or stop, the teenage driver ran directly over the victim.

As to be expected, Mr. Rutherford’s family has had a difficult time adjusting to reality after such a terrible loss. His three children were left without a father and his parents without a son. Devastated by the accident, the family sought out relief for their grief. They were comforted by good friends, one of which suggested reaching out to G3 Help Me.

The friend, who lost a son in a motorcycle accident prior to this case, referred Rutherford’s parents to G3 in hopes of helping them find some level of peace. She knew G3 was the perfect personal injury firm to represent their late son because of the many similar cases they’ve resolved for past victims of wrongful automobile and motorcycle accidents. The firm is known for producing exceptional results for aggrieved and distraught clients, such as Rutherford’s parents and children.


Thanks to superlative research efforts and an in-depth forensic investigation, the G3 team was able to convince the defendant to settle. Though unable to disclose the actual settlement amount, the firm can attest to a substantial monetary return that reached policy limits. It’s the G3 team’s hope that relieving the financial burden associated with Mr. Rutherford’s accident will help ease the family through an unimaginable loss.

The case was settled recently, so there is no further knowledge as to how the family- including Rutherford’s three young children- are adjusting to life without him at this time. That being said, the firm’s deepest condolences go out to all those who knew and loved the victim.

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