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In the blink of an eye, everything can change. Ms. Kimberlee Rochester* and her case remind us of that.

Ms. Rochester, a beloved 64-year-old mother and sister, was driving on East Emory Road when another driver, under the influence of alcohol, crossed into her lane and struck her vehicle head on. The impaired driver swerved out of her own lane and into west bound lanes, causing Ms. Rochester’s vehicle to become airborne and roll multiple times before coming to a rest on its top.

As a result of this sudden accident, Ms. Rochester sustained several serious injuries, including fractures to her right calcaneus, right fibula shaft, left clavicle, nasal bones, triquetrum bone, and multiple ribs. In addition to these fractures, she also sustained a sprained carpal joint and laceration on her right wrist, as well as a contusion on her lung.


Post-accident, Ms. Rochester required intensive orthopedic care and was admitted with a long-term treatment plan to WellPark at Shannondale, a nursing facility focused on promoting improved health and quality of life.

However, around two weeks after the accident took place, everything changed for Ms. Rochester and those closest to her…

Her physicians were optimistic, ordering eight weeks of physical therapy that would help get her back on her feet. But, at 6:20 am the next morning, Ms. Rochester was found unresponsive in her room. The cause of death? A pulmonary embolism, formed by complications of the injuries she sustained from the crash weeks prior.

While Ms. Rochester was hospital bound, she sought legal help through an online Google search. This led her to G3 Help Me, where our firm was positioned as the perfect choice for any auto accident victim looking to negotiate a settlement over and above policy limits without going to trial.

G3 met with Ms. Rochester where it was convenient to her: the hospital she was recuperating in. It’s extremely important to our team that we serve as a support system for those in need, so we made every effort to help ease Ms. Rochester’s financial suffering through both legal and non-legal avenues.

The Result

In addition to working on her settlement case, G3 worked on Ms. Rochester’s behalf to secure a work disability policy and coordinate with her health insurance for the best long-term care possible.

Because her medical bills vastly exceeded her insurance policy’s limits of $25,000 in liability and $75,000 in UM/UIM coverage, our team knew the best end result for our client would be to avoid trial and settle.

Upon settlement discussions, the family of the defendant offered $100,000 in personal assets to help cover Ms. Rochester’s cost of living and acquired medical bills. Together, Ms. Rochester received a total settlement of $200,000+ in monetary compensation:

  • $25,000 (defendant’s insurance coverage)
  • $100,000 (defendant’s personal assets)
  • $75,000 (underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage)
  • $1,000 (Medpay)

This compensation will greatly help Ms. Rochester’s family through an emotionally-trying time, while avoiding an even more emotionally-draining trial process.

From our entire team at G3, we hope that Ms. Rochester’s son and sister are able to find peace of mind during this difficult time. Our firm’s deepest condolences go out to all those who knew and loved the victim.

*In order to ensure our clients receive the highest level of privacy and respect, we do not disclose their personal information. The name provided for this case study is a pseudonym.

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