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You’re in a car wreck. You’re life is shattered. Your car is ruined. Your body really hurts. You’re scared. Confused.

While the EMTs are loading you into the ambulance, your phone rings. It’s a lawyer who says he was told to contact you. Whaaa!? How did he already know what happened? How did he get my cell number?

You get another call the next day from someone who identifies with a health clinic. She says your insurance company told them to set up some appointments with you. What!?

Two days later you receive a call from the car insurance adjuster of the at-fault person who hit you. The adjuster wants to settle. Fast. Throws money figures at you like a fish he wants to reel in for the kill. You’re tempted to accept the offer, not realizing that everything you say is being recorded in an effort to trap you into settling for a lot less than your injury is worth. Two days later you receive a small check in the mail. You’re still hurting. And you’ve barely begun your medical treatment.

Happened to you? Sound familiar?

In our law office we see this type of thing over and over. It’s becoming alarmingly more common.

Please be aware of these kinds of scams. And scams they are! Nothing but trickery to make money off your unfortunate misfortune. Against you. Not for you. Only out for themselves through what is rightfully yours.

Best answer? God forbid, if you’re in a car wreck, make sure the police draft an accident report, if possible, no matter what the offending person says. Then either drive or have someone, friend or ambulance, drive you to the ER, regardless of how you feel or whether you have health insurance.


Call our G3helpme hotline and we’ll guide you through this mess, so you don’t end up hurting yourself worse. The phone call is free. The advice is free. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win.”

– G. Turner Howard, Injury Lawyer

G. Turner Howard IIIprofile2 is one of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in Knoxville, TN. He has earned an outstanding reputation through positive results and relationships with satisfied clients. That reputation is rewarded with the most Five-Star reviews by clients of any personal injury lawyer in the region.

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